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As your agile development partner for key hospital processes, we command a deep understanding of your day-to-day challenges. It is our mission to customize digital applications according to your needs — including the Integration into the existing IT-Infrastructure.

Medical Devices

Our mobile App Hospital Process Management (HPM) frees up time for your staff in day-to-day operations and makes hygiene and decon measures carried out visible in realtime.


HPM is the result of successful interdisciplinary collaboration of healthcare and hygiene professionals. The continuous dialog with a variety of our users from nursing, hygiene and medical technology contributes to the constant and ongoing improvement of our applications.

Process Controls

HPM is an unparalleled tool to manage and document processes of medical devices, e.g. clinic beds, related to hygiene, logistics, technical service and maintenance as well as asset management. The core functionality of HPM is providing realtime information on hygiene status and location of medical devices, including offering single proof of decontamination as a reliable audit trail for each medical device.
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Product Benefits

Patient Safety

A distinct patient identification in conjunction with real time hygiene status generates greatest possible safety and confidence.

Hygiene Safety

Real Time Monitoring of hygiene status of medical devices makes for effective Infection Control, enabling real time isolation of patients.


The single poof of decontamination of medical devices and its corresponding audit trail reduces liability risks, thus protecting hospital management and staff.

More time for Patients

Through the use of HPM there is no more wasting time for locating the right medical device. Hence, nursing staff has more time available for patient care.

Reporting & Analysis

Data transparency through HPM makes processes more visible and measurable, thus providing a solid platform for decisions for change management and the optimization of existing processes.

Process Transparency

Make change happen through digitization. Many manual and paper based processes will be digitized and in the process also customized, allowing for optimization and change of previously inefficient structures.

E-Learning & Training Certificate

Continuous learning and training through electronic means, instant access to manuals and instructions and proof of learning and training leads to a sustainable higher quality of work.

Cost savings

HPM leads to more efficient capacity utilisation of resources and equally to a reduction of reserve stock.

And more…

Gradual progress with digitization in selected areas always with the aim of integration into existing IT-Systems through the use of open interfaces.


“ „Clinaris‘ APP development is truly a great innovation in the field of hygiene. Honeywell Intelligent Life Care have been looking for an APP like HPM for the last 3 years for our nursing mobility offerings. ” ”
“ Das Krankenhausbett ist für mich das vergessene Kind unter den Medizinprodukten. Das Infektionsrisiko durch ein Klinikbett ist womöglich größer als durch ein Endoskop. ”

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